The Deer God is a breathtaking 3d pixel art game that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills.”

You play as a stag, it has pretty music and everything is so so pretty.
This game is beautiful and you should pledge on its kickstarter- it has only a month remaining!

Correction - 7 Days. 5k from goal.

$3,500 to go in a week!


Silicon Valley Lady Warrior

Victo Ngai

3 illustrations accompany the profiling of the feisty Shanley Kane by Elizabeth Spiers. Kane, a feminist publisher, started her own media company Modern View Culture in the male dominating Tech environment in 2013. She’s known for her outspokenness when taking on the worst of Silicon Valley (and sometimes her allies, too). 

Read the story and check out AD Erich Nagler’s beautiful layout design here on Medium. 

Big thanks to Erich, whom I have enjoyed working with during his NYTimes days, for this challenging assignment!